Information is money

Prometec’s Q Solution is a groundbreaking industrial biomass analysis system that enables us to improve energy industry efficiencies by enabling annual savings of up to 5%.

“By providing more accurate information on raw materials, industry saves renewable resources and improves the efficiency of energy production.”

Henna Karlsson, CTO, Prometec

Known facts

Accurate and fast sampling with Q-Robot

The fully automated Q-Robot is a patented sampling solution that improves biomass quality management by taking accurate, whole-load samples randomly, quickly and safely.

Significant cost savings

Reliable and representative sampling with Q-Robot has significantly improved the accuracy of quality determinations, resulting in 2-8% less error in efficiency calculations for power plants, for example.

Load moisture and volume information even before unloading

Sampling provides realtime load volume data, calculated moisture content and calculated energy content data. The quality data can be used, for example, to direct the load to the desired unloading location or to check loads that do not meet the quality criteria.

The right choices for sampling

How should sampling be best organized? Our experts will carry out an in-depth study of the current state of the institution, the operating environment and the target state. The client will receive a proposal for measures to improve the efficiency of sampling, which can be used, for example, when tendering for service providers.


Decommissioning of peat use in Finland


Finland will halve the energy use of peat by 2030. What does that mean in practice? Read our blog!

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EU Green Deal and Q-Robot – from fossil fuels to biomass


FACT 1: 

The biomass material can be anything from straw stalks to felling waste, from branch pieces to plant leaves.

Solution: Prometec's Q-Robot takes an automated sample of the material at the moment of arrival at the power plant and sends the data to both the power plant and the material driver. Q-Robot is able to take samples of all kinds of crushed and granular materials.

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Prometec’s Q-Robot is linked to Finland’s bioeconomy strategy – what is about?


Finland's new  bioeconomy strategy, which will be completed in summer 2021, will take a stronger position on circular economy solutions and the utilization of renewable natural resources. The strategy has been made public, with the aim of securing the sustainable use of renewable resources as part of the EU's climate goals.

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Prometec’s automatic sampling has been verified by VTT


A comparative study carried out by VTT was done in November 2020 at Kuopio Energy's Haapaniemi power plant. Read about the results at the link

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Prometec’s customers willing to recommend us


It is important for us to know how to develop our operations and products as well as our services. We at Prometec believe that our current customers are the best opportunities for sparrers and that’s why we actively want to hear how we have succeeded.

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Certificate awarded to Prometec’s ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system


A certified quality management system tells our customers that our company's processes meet the requirements set for them. Certification is also a clear indication that our organization is systematically improving its operations. Key factors for sustainable business include reliability, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement

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A missing piece of quality control for solid biofuels is now being found


There have long been two major problems with quality control of biofuels. The first challenge is to automatically take representative samples of each load and the second is to obtain real-time information on the moisture content of the material before unloading the load. It seems that after Q-Robot, the latter problem is also coming to a solution.

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Prometec to European-wide EMPIR research and development project


Prometec wants to be a part of the global network and in the front line when it comes to technological development of the bioenergy sector.
The new sampling methods combined with on-line measurement methods developed in the project will be demonstrated at test-sites (Power plants) in Finland and Denmark.

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Prometec to deliver automated truck sampler to Tallinn


Prometec will deliver automated sampling system, Q-Robot, to Utilitas Tallinn Elektrijaam power plant during 2020. This is Prometec's first delivery in Estonia and also in the Baltic region.

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TOP 5 questions about automated sampling


We collected five of the most common questions about automated sampling we hear at the fair. Automated sampler is a new thing and we would love to tell more.

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European Patent to Prometec’s automated sampler


An automated sampling system manufactured and sold by Prometec has got a European Patent (3232179). The patent is about a sampling method where samples are collected from above of the cargo by drilling. Also, sample collector is now patented.

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A quick start to the 2020s


Happy New Year! Our year starts off fast. We are leaving early in the year for the Biogaz Europe - Bois Energie - ReGen Europe 2020 trade fair in Nantes, France.
Before we attend Grand Tech Match 2020 in Stockholm, Prometec has been selected.

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Coming exhibitions


Argus biomass Nordics and Baltics, European biomass to power and PowerGen Europe

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Prometec to deliver a sampling robot to Oulu


Carbon neutrality opens up good growth possibilities for Prometec

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Stockholm Exergi hosts Prometec


Automated train sampler commissioning on schedule

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Stockolm Exergi project to delivery stage


Automated sampler, mixing tanks and operational container are ready for delivery

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The importance of biomass quality controlling


There are thousands of power plants around the world using biomass to generate heat and power, and hundreds of power plants are going to start using biomass or would like to convert at least part of their coal to biomass.

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It’s all about safety


Workplace safety is a part of daily life in today’s work environment. Key then is to figure out how to decrease risk towards reaching the goal of zero incidents.

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