Fully automated sampler.

The sampler collects representative samples from the load before unloading. Q-Robot is fast, accurate and fully automated.

Known facts

Accurate and fast sampling with Q-Robot

Fully automated Q-Robot is a patented sampling solution that takes representative samples of the whole load quickly and accurately, improving sampling efficiency and quality management. Q-Robot has revolutionized the sampling and quality management of our customers such as heat and power producers, pulp mills, biorefineries, and pellet producers who work in several different areas of industries.

Remarkably more accurate samples

Q-Robot is significantly more accurate than any manual sampling solution. Reliable and representative samples have improved the accuracy of quality determination, which has resulted, for example, in 2–8 % smaller error in efficiency calculations of power plants.

Reliable and unbiased samples

As Q-Robot is fully automated, and the need for human labour is minimized, the solution is completely unbiased. The sampling process is transparent for every party, and sampling principles are generated in compliance with the standards of industry in question.

Efficient sampling solution for plants

Our experts will execute an in-depth research of a plant’s current sampling state, operating environment, and aspired outcome. As a result, a client gets a proposition for development procedures. The proposition can also be used in tendering for service providers.


Prometec’s automatic sampling has been verified by VTT


A comparative study carried out by VTT was done in November 2020 at Kuopio Energy's Haapaniemi power plant. Read about the results at the link

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Prometec’s customers willing to recommend us


It is important for us to know how to develop our operations and products as well as our services. We at Prometec believe that our current customers are the best opportunities for sparrers and that’s why we actively want to hear how we have succeeded.

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Certificate awarded to Prometec’s ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system


A certified quality management system tells our customers that our company's processes meet the requirements set for them. Certification is also a clear indication that our organization is systematically improving its operations. Key factors for sustainable business include reliability, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement

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Prometec to European-wide EMPIR research and development project


Prometec wants to be a part of the global network and in the front line when it comes to technological development of the bioenergy sector.
The new sampling methods combined with on-line measurement methods developed in the project will be demonstrated at test-sites (Power plants) in Finland and Denmark.

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Prometec to deliver automated truck sampler to Tallinn


Prometec will deliver automated sampling system, Q-Robot, to Utilitas Tallinn Elektrijaam power plant during 2020. This is Prometec's first delivery in Estonia and also in the Baltic region.

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European Patent to Prometec’s automated sampler


An automated sampling system manufactured and sold by Prometec has got a European Patent (3232179). The patent is about a sampling method where samples are collected from above of the cargo by drilling. Also, sample collector is now patented.

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A quick start to the 2020s


Happy New Year! Our year starts off fast. We are leaving early in the year for the Biogaz Europe - Bois Energie - ReGen Europe 2020 trade fair in Nantes, France.
Before we attend Grand Tech Match 2020 in Stockholm, Prometec has been selected.

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Coming exhibitions


Argus biomass Nordics and Baltics, European biomass to power and PowerGen Europe

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Prometec to deliver a sampling robot to Oulu


Carbon neutrality opens up good growth possibilities for Prometec

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Stockholm Exergi hosts Prometec


Automated train sampler commissioning on schedule

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Stockolm Exergi project to delivery stage


Automated sampler, mixing tanks and operational container are ready for delivery

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