Truck sampler

Reliable, efficient and fast sampling even for larger number of loads

Automated Q-Robot truck sampler robot takes reliable and representative samples of each incoming load quickly before unloading them from a truck. The sampling works seamlessly with many kinds of crushed and solid materials.

The truck sampler drills several samples from different points and depths randomly, and combines them into a representative sample of the whole load. The robot always complies with the requirements of the industry in question. In power plant industry, for instance, Q-Robot follows closely standards EN ISO 18135 and EN ISO 14780, which regulate the sampling as well as handling the samples of solid biofuels.

In addition to the sampling unit, the Q-Robot solution contains a machine vision system. The truck sampler determines correct sampling spots and prevents the drill hitting any support structures. Furthermore, the system analyses the volume of the load, which is a key input needed for producing real-time moisture content data of wood-based materials computationally. This information can be used to optimize raw material logistics and supply chain.

The samples taken by Q-Robot can be immediately analyzed on site with instantaneous measuring equipment, or they can be taken into a laboratory for further analysis. Q-Robot has considerably improved the accuracy of moisture data, which has helped our customers to improve their efficiency. This has resulted, for example, in 2–8 % smaller error in power plants’ efficiency calculations.

Digital Twin Of The Sampler Robot

Advantages of the truck sampler

  • representative samples of each truck load
  • minimizes the error that sampling causes in quality determination
  • automated, random sampling series
  • faster sampling
  • improved occupational safety
  • operates with all solid and granular materials
  • as an independent unit, Q-Robot can be located in a logistically optimal spot such as on top of a vehicle scale.