A missing piece of quality control for solid biofuels is now being found


There have long been two major problems with quality control of biofuels. The first challenge is to automatically take representative samples of each load and the second is to obtain real-time information on the moisture content of the material before unloading the load. It seems that after Q-Robot, the latter problem is also coming to a solution.

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TOP 5 questions about automated sampling


We collected five of the most common questions about automated sampling we hear at the fair. Automated sampler is a new thing and we would love to tell more.

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The importance of biomass quality controlling


There are thousands of power plants around the world using biomass to generate heat and power, and hundreds of power plants are going to start using biomass or would like to convert at least part of their coal to biomass.

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It’s all about safety


Workplace safety is a part of daily life in today’s work environment. Key then is to figure out how to decrease risk towards reaching the goal of zero incidents.

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