Sample handling station

Automated sample handling

Q-Mixer automated sampling system collects samples into a bag, ready to be sent to a laboratory. Alternatively, samples can be placed into a supplier and material-specific Q-Mixer mixing tank, in which a day or load-specific combined sample is formed and prepared for laboratory analysis.

The number of mixing tanks is adjustable by customer’s needs, and more tanks can be added later. The mixing tanks, with their accessories, can be placed directly into the operational container, which is manufactured and tested at the metal workshop, and completely ready for installation at sampling hall. The sampling station can also be tailored with space for a fuel laboratory, allowing samples to be analysed immediately on site instead of transporting them elsewhere for analysis.

Sampling hall

Fast and cost-effective solution

As a part of the sampling solution, Prometec delivers also halls for Q-Robot. The hall is a lightweight, PVC-covered steel frame hall. Frame structures are utilized for Q-Robot track mounts, and the hall is fully customizable to customer needs. For example, it can be adjusted by the length of the truck.