Q-Service is a predictive maintenance service product offered by Prometec Tools, where the service subscriber gets access to Prometec's service description for Q-Robot, Q-Mixer and Q-Drill machines. Q-Service product contracts are agreed separately for each year. Prometec Tools will make the resources available within the contractual timeframe.

Our services include:
Annual maintenance of the sampling head
Calibration of the machine vision system
Machine safety inspection
Automation support services
Continuing education
Lubrication maintenance
Equipment inspection

Q-Spares is a spare parts service offered by Prometec Tools, where the subscriber of the service has access to the contents of the spare parts pool maintained by Prometec Tools for Q-Robot, Q-Mixer and Q-Drill machines. The purpose of the service is to reduce the time required to repair a machine in the event of a breakdown by the component delivery time, requiring manual sampling. The repair time saved reduces the time required for manual sampling, which in turn leads to additional quality costs.
In addition, the subscriber is treated as a key customer, with his work taking precedence over that of customers not belonging to Q-Spares.
The customer's status is subject to the condition that the maintenance work is carried out in accordance with the maintenance programme.