Online moisture measurement

Online moisture measurement

We can provide online moisture measurement data, both by measurement and through a calculated formula. The measurement of biomass moisture data is done with a measuring device integrated into the Q-Robot sample collector. The moisture data is so accurate that it can be used as a billing and the measurement result is ready within seconds after sampling. A Q-Robot equipped with a measuring device is called Q-Robot M.
The measuring device integrated in the Q-Robot measures the samples one by one as they are collected from the load. Q-Robot M combines three different technologies to give an accurate result. The instrument combines electronic impedance spectroscopy, acoustic emission and machine learning.
The first Q-Robot M has been delivered to Fjernvärme Fyn in Odense, Denmark. There, our equipment automatically measures the humidity of around 70 trucks per day.

Online moisture measurement before unloading the cargo

Q-DATA quality management software

Systematic sampling has allowed us to create a realtime computational moisture model for wood-based biofuels that allows us to reliably predict the moisture and energy content of incoming biomass loads without the need for actual moisture measurement.

The moisture and energy content data predicted by the mathematical model is displayed to the driver immediately after sampling is completed in the Q Data system.

Q-Data fuel quality management software is a cloud-based SAAS service operated by Prometec for online fuel load data collection and quality data visualization.

The system collects data in realtime from Q-Robots and truck scales connected to the system and transfers the data to the Q-Data database, which is accessed via a web browser.

The Q-Data fuel quality management software includes, among other things, a calculated moisture algorithm that provides an estimate of fuel quality even before the load is unloaded.

Realtime computational information before unloading the cargo

Q-DATA Benefits

All load and scale data in realtime in the cloud via the existing robot-weighing system interface
Realtime load volume data, calculated moisture content and calculated energy content data immediately after sampling is completed
Informing the driver where the load is unloaded according to the calculated moisture information
Alarm for the operator of an load that does not meet the quality requirements
Generating a complaint about loads that does not meet requirements
Informative dashboard displays for quality management