Q-Link quality control service

Comprehensive quality control

Determination of the fuel moisture and energy content is a global challenge for power plants using biomass as fuel. Getting accurate results is difficult, and the biggest error is caused by incorrect and unrepresentative sampling. Also sample handling and storage cause errors.

Prometec Q-Link is a service for power plants’ biofuel quality control. It provides the power plant as well as the entire fuel supply chain with reliable, load-specific information on moisture and energy content. The service covers the entire quality control chain: reliable and representative sampling, sample handling based on standards, and laboratory analyses. The service may also be in use only for a determinate time–such as a few months long monitoring period–to demonstrate the benefits of the quality control. 

We can also implement a comprehensive quality control through a continuous cooperation agreement, whereby we are responsible for the entire fuel quality control service.

Tailored solution and expert service

Q-Link quality control is always designed and implemented to meet the needs of the heat/power plant and the customer in question. Our service includes:

- an inventory of the current state of quality control and an action plan
- introduction of the new action plan and staff training
- quality control monitoring period and comparative sampling
- design and implementation of sample handling equipment and, if applicable, the entire fuel laboratory
- fuel laboratory services and analyses.

Q-Link benefits

The comprehensive quality control service brings significant benefits to the power plant:

- the balance error reduces and benefits are gained from day one
- charges are based on load-specific energy content
- power plant personnel can focus on productive work
- fuel quality improves, which simplifies process management and reduces maintenance needs