Pioneer of automated sampling

Prometec has been providing reliable sampling solutions to its customers for many years. We are a pioneer in automatic sampling. By automating sampling, we are revolutionizing our customers’ important quality control process. Our equipment can take representative samples of several different materials.

  • We reform
  • We keep what we promise
  • We boldly move forward
  • Our mission is to provide cost savings by increasing quality information on industrial raw materials by providing accurate and real-time analysis solutions.
  • Our vision is to change the way the industry operates in the analysis of raw materials, and in 2025 we will use our equipment to analyze 11 million tons of renewable resources. Our turnover is EUR 25 million.
  • By providing more accurate quality information on raw materials, industry saves renewable resources and improves the efficiency of energy production.

Our management system is ISO 9001: 2015 certified, but it is important to us that we also comply with the ISO 14001 standard in all our operations. In addition, we continuously improve and develop our processes, taking into account quality, efficiency and environmental aspects, as well as customer needs.

We value our staff and partners and constantly strive to consider these important factors in our work. We want to be an interesting and respected workplace and a reliable and proactive looking partner. In order to achieve our goals, we invest in the skills of our staff and partners and also in the development of methods.

We want to be a reliable player and a pioneer who builds growth on the basis of sustainable development. We strive for responsibility in all our activities.