Prometec is an innovative Finnish technology company which has been established in 2012. Our expertise is in biomass quality controling. Our team has tens of years of experience from process technology, product development and value creation for customer. We have an extremely good understanding what are the demands for the quality controlling today and in the future.

Our goal is to become a market leader in comprehensive quality control service provider in Europe. Our products and services are based on customer-oriented continuous development combined with the newest technologies and digitaliza­tion. By utilizing these elements we are creating value for the customer and they can achieve benefits and cost-efficiency in their actions.


Our innovative service concept Q-Link has been developed especially for biofuel receiving. Q-link has been taylored for customers needs quality control concept which includes all the parts from sampling to sample handeling, sample measurement to raporting the results.

With help of our service we improve the reliability of sampling, sample handling and measurements by decreasing the error coming from the present manual quality controlling method. With the help of our service customer will save approximately 2% – 5% of fuel costs. Also fixed costs will reduce because human resource need diminsh.


We have developed our service conpect and we have brought to the markets a fully automatic sampling robot for solid biofuels. The robot is called Q-Robot.  Q-Robot can take samples safely and rabidly straight from all the arriving trucks by standards before unloading. Samples are ready for pre-handling and further analyzis. Q-Robot makes possible for the customers to get a instant calculated moisture information which can be used to logistic management.


Juha Huotari
Juha HuotariCEO
Phone +358 50 5917 350
Email: firstname.lastname(at@)
– M.Sc. Economics
– Management and administration
– Sales and marketing
Henna Karlsson
Henna KarlssonChief Technology officer (CTO)
Phone +358 40 8322 796
Email: firstname.lastname(at@)
– M.Sc. Process Engineering
– Customer service
– Measurement and expert service concepts
– Development projects
Sami Karlsson
Sami KarlssonProduct Manager
Phone +358 44 0101 720
Email: firstname.lastname(at@)
– Mechanical Engineer
– Customer service
– Measurement and Expert Service
– Product development
Timo Huotari
Timo HuotariInternational sales
Phone +358 44 321 3049
Email: firstname.lastname(at@)
– M.Sc. Economics
– International sales and marketing

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