Pulp industry

Automated solution for pulp chip sampling

Traditionally, incoming chip loads are sampled manually during unloading at pulp or paper mills. The dry matter content and particle size distribution are determined from these samples in order to calculate the average cost of the load. However, manual work often causes faults, which affects on the solids content and/or particle size distribution. In addition, manual sampling does not take most of the incoming load into account, which increases errors in quality determination.

The Q-Robot is an automated solution ideally suited for sampling chips used for manufacturing pulp and paper. It:

  • takes several samples from different points and depths randomly
  • takes representative samples of the entire load
  • minimizes the risk caused by manual labour
  • improves occupational safety
  • enables sampling of the entire flow in the longitudinal, transverse and depth directions


Automatically taken samples are measured in laboratory for dry matter content and particle size distribution, and the results are used as a basis for billing. The Q-Robot also generates volume data from loads, which can be utilized, for example, to calculate an inventory balance.