On Track To Save Over 5 Million Euros In 5 Years

A Finnish Power Company Kuopion Energia had initially sampled their fuel manually, but recognized the shortcomings of manual sampling. In order to drive down their Fuel Energy Balance Error, they would need to remove human interaction from the sampling process. They went through a couple of options in Automated Sampling, but found that no good solutions were readily available.

This is the case of how we helped Kuopion Energia approach the challenge, pilot the Q-Robot Automated Sampling solution and quickly drive their Fuel Energy Balance Error down to almost zero.

We had problems with measuring the energy coming in with the trucks. Every time, every month what we paid for was more than what we gained.

Prometec came to us and asked if we are willing to start a pilot project with them with this sample taking system where nobody touches it, a robot will take it and so on and we were interested and that’s how it started.

Peter Seppälä
Kuopion Energia

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