Prometec to European-wide EMPIR research and development project

BIOFMET – New metrological methods for biofuel materials sampling and analysis

Prometec will be one of the key players to take part in the European-wide “BIOFMET” project co-funded by EU and coordinated by the Danish Technological Institute (DTI). The collaboration project aims to research online metrological methods for analysis of solid and liquid biofuels, to provide a metrological framework, including determination of the calorific value and quantification of impurities for validation of the developed methods ensuring traceability of on-line instrumentation. More accurately, our task in this project is to bring improved methods to representative solid biofuel sampling. The project is consisting consists of research institutes and research centers and companies around the Europe.

“This type of cooperation with research institutes is extremely fruitful for us. This is our chance to be a part of the huge change towards more environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions in bioenergy sector”, says Henna Karlsson, co-founder and CTO of Prometec.

The aim of the project

The new sampling methods combined with on-line measurement methods developed in the project will be demonstrated at test-sites (Power plants) in Finland and Denmark.

“We want to be a part of the global network and in the front line when it comes to technological development of the bioenergy sector.  We think that bioenergy industry will benefit a lot from the state-of-the-art technological solutions. For decades, this industry sector has suffered from problems in reliable sampling and real-time moisture information availability. Also, bioenergy sector has been accused for not being renewable. Now, it is the right time to solve these problems and correct these claims with the help of technological solutions”, says Prometec’s CMO, Timo Huotari.

BIOFMET project will start in June and it will last for 3 years.

Prometec to deliver automated truck sampler to Tallinn

Automated truck sampler to Tallinn

Prometec, a Finnish company specializing in automatic quality control of biofuels, and Utilitas, an Estonian energy company focused on energy-efficient solutions, start cooperation. Prometec will deliver automated sampling system, Q-Robot, to Utilitas Tallinn Elektrijaam power plant during 2020. This is Prometec’s first delivery in Estonia and also in the Baltic region.


We consider this project a very important opening for the entering to Baltic region. We have identified it as a significant and growing area of ​​bioenergy energy sector. There is therefore a clear need to pay more attention to the quality of biofuels. With the help of an automatic sampler, we can help them”, says Juha Huotari, CEO of Prometec

The project starts immediately. Prometec’s delivery includes an automatic sampler, Q-Robot, and an automated sample handling equipment. Utilitas Tallinn Elektijaam produces 45% of the total needs of Tallinn, as well as electricity for 130,000 homes in Tallinn. The fuel used is local biomass. The automatic sampler takes samples directly from the trucks before unloading. Automated sample handling equipment allows to generate samples for the laboratory with less manual work than usual.


Prometec in brief

Prometec is a Finnish technology company that manufactures customized automated sampling and sample handling equipment for industrial needs. Prometec operates currently in three different countries with biofuel sampling from trucks and trains. The Prometec’s Q-Robot automated sampler is a patented system that is capable of taking samples before unloading and subsequently providing real-time moisture data for the supplier and power plants.

OÜ Utilitas Tallinn Elektijaam  in brief

Utilitas is providing district heating to 4,931 buildings in eight cities across Estonia, including to more than 173,000 households. We use renewable fuels to generate electricity in three combined heat and power stations, which cover the electricity demand of more than 170,000 apartments, i.e. all apartments in the district heating network of Tallinn.