Fjernvarme Fyn


Fjernvarme Fyn (FVF) is Denmark’s third largest district heating company and is owned by the municipalities of Odense and Nordfyn. The company owns the largest combined heat and power plants on Funen, has almost 300 employees, and is one of Europe’s largest heat suppliers. We cover approximately 97% of the heating demand in Odense and the surrounding area, corresponding to more than 200,000 residential units. District heating is supplied according to the general guidelines set out in the heating plan, which defines supply areas and more. Fjernvarme Fyn’s aim is to provide customers with the best possible heat supply at the cheapest possible prices, while helping to increase customers’ energy and environmental awareness.

Prometec has successfully provided a turnkey solution for Fjernvarme Fyn's Odense site. The comprehensive delivery encompassed an automated biomass sampler, an online moisture measurement system, a dedicated sampling building, and an automated bagging machine. The project was executed and handed over to FVF in accordance with the predetermined schedule, in May 2023.

A notable milestone, the Q-robot M, marks Prometec's inaugural installation featuring an integrated moisture measurement system within the sampling framework.


Based on Fjernvarme Fyn's strategic goals FVF wanted to optimize and automatize many processes which needed human work.

Why Fjernvarme Fyn invested in Automated Sampler and online Moisture Analyzer? Thomas Knudsen, Project manager from Fjernvarme Fyn aswers.

Optimization of Entire Fuel Reception Process: “We wanted to optimize and improve our total fuel reception process, which involves receiving, sampling, moisture measurement, and storing biomass. Prometec provided a turnkey solution that streamlined the entire quality controlling process and ensured the quality, safety and quickness of the entire biomass controlling process.”

Automatization of Sampling: “We wanted to automate the sampling process to improve occupational safety and make the sampling quicker. Automated sampler eliminated the need for manual sampling, thereby improving safety. Also, the big thing for us is that Q-Robot M can provide online moisture measurements which reduces radically the need  for manual laboratory work.”

Increased Representativeness of Samples: “We wanted to increase the representativeness of samples to ensure that the quality control results were accurate and reliable. The automated sampler ensured the representativeness of samples and eliminated the possibility of biased or inconsistent sampling.”





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