Neve – Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi Oy

Operational reliability and measurable benefit

Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi Oy (Neve) is a Lappish, multidisciplinary group focused on arctic circular economy. The group serves more than 60,000 local customers and hundreds of thousands of travelers.

–During the design phase of this project, we got to know many different sampling techniques. High availability was a key factor for us when choosing the new automatic sampling equipment. Q-Robot’s availability for the first year was 98.8%, which is very good for this kind of machine deployment equipment, says Jukka Partanen, Neve’s Production Manager.

Prometec has provided high-quality service and measurable benefits

Neve considered their investment in sampling as a whole. They focused on how logistics and sampling should work.

–We had three main criteria. The solution must improve safety, and it should increase the energy efficiency through correct sampling. The third criterion was that the sampling system had to be separate from the receiving station. Q-Robot is receiver-independent, and can be built in a separate hall, says Partanen.

–There have been only very few problems, and Prometec's response time has always been very good. After the first year of operation of Q-Robot, we were able to reliably estimate the change in efficiency. The overall efficiency of the plant improved by 6%, Partanen notes with satisfaction.