Q-LINK – full service quality management

The biggest problem in the power plants all over the world  is to get a reliable moisture and energy content information from  the biomass. When we talk about moisture content analyzing, most of the error comes from sampling. In addition, error is occurs in sample handling and measurement.

Prometec Q-link is a comprehensive quality management service which has been developed for the power plant’s needs to get reliable moisture and energy content information from each arriving biomass truck. This information is also extremely valuable for the fuel suppliers so they can improve the quality of biomass.

Q-Link service covers the whole biomass quality management chain. The service includes reliable sampling, sample handling and moisture analyzing.

We combine the newest moisture analyzing technologies with our practices on a field to get the reliable truck-specific moisture and energy content information. The truck-specific quality information is used as a payment basis and to the supply chain management and controlling the processes.


 Movable container arrives

Our movable container will be placed to the fuel receiving site and it includes all the needed devices for sample handling and measurement. Prometec’s professional personnel handles the quality controlling.


Q-Robot takes the samples rapidly by standards from all arriving trucks before unloading. Customer will receive reliable and representative sample from each cargo.

Sample handling

The sample is handled and measured according to standards

Fast moisture analysing

Due to fast measurement technology every truck specific sample can be measured individually when its moisture and energy content can determined immediately.


After the fast moisture measurement the sample moisture is measured also according to oven drying standard method.


Measurement data is transferred to the power plant fuel information system in real time.


Savings as a result: Power plant will pay the actual, measured fuel energy content. The fuel supplier can improve the quality of the biofuel: the less water, the more profitable transport.

Prometec measurement container

  • Operates 24 / 7
  • Latest measuring equipment which operates according to standards
  • Sampling, sample handling, measurement and reporting
  • Trained and professional personnel
  • Tailored for power plant’s needs
  • Integrated to the power plant fuel information system

Tailored solutions and comprehensive service

Q-link quality control concept is always planned and implemented for customer’s needs. Our service includes planning, consulting, training, quality monitoring and the Q-link movable laboratory unit.

If your fuel energy error margin would be improve by 5 – 10 percentage points, how much can you save?

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Q-LINK benefits

Comprehensive quality control is proven to produce up to 20 percentage cost savings from biomass.

  • Benefits are obtained from the first day as the fuel energy balance error decreases
  • Truck specific energy content could be used as a payment basis
  • Power plant personnel time released for productive work
  • There is more information available from biomass and quality of biomass will improve which makes combustion process management easier.