Finnish sampling robot to Stockholm Exergi

Representative samples from the biomass delivered by train wagons

A Finnish company Prometec Tools Ltd, specialized in automated sampling solutions, has achieved a remarkable opening to Sweden. The company is to deliver an automated sampling robot and other needed sampling equipment to Stockholm Exergi and their biomass fueled heat and power plant at Värtaverket,  one of the biggest biomass plants in the world. The trade volume for this delivery is over one million euros. The power plant which is evenly co-owned by the city of Stockholm and by Fortum is located close to the city center of Stockholm.

The automated sampling solution developed by Prometec brings millions in savings for biomass power plants. The sampling robot drills 5 liter samples from the randomly chosen places from each biomass load. This method makes quality controlling faster and improves working safety. Traditionally, samples are collected manually from the loads. The sampling from biomass is challenging because there can for example be snow and ice inside the load which decreases the energy content of the load by even up to five percent.

”Stockholm Exergi also noticed that they need to improve their biomass quality controlling because they receive enormous amounts of biomass annually. We won a public tendering concerning an automated train sampler in September” tells Prometec’s CEO Juha Huotari.

”We decided to make a deal with Prometec because their solution best answered our strict sampling demands. The Finnish robot will be installed to the Värtaverket site during next year” tells Project Sponsor Martin Eriksson from Stockholm Exergi.

Prometec is to deliver a fully automated train sampler and sampling equipment to Stockholm.

In Finland there are currently three Prometec truck samplers sold to Kuopion Energia, Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi and Fortum Joensuu power plant.

Now, Prometec has received its first robot order concerning trains.

”Globally, enormous amounts of biomass are being moved by train. This opens a large growth potential for us” Huotari says.

The biofuel required by Stockholm Exergi is delivered by boat, train and truck loads.

During the heating season one or two trains arrive to the power plant daily. In every train there are about 30 wagons and thousands of cubic meters of biomass.

”Because biomass is an extremely heterogeneous material in which the moisture within one load can vary a lot, it is vital that samples are being taken from the randomly chosen places by the robot, not manually. In this way we will get representative samples from each wagon” tells Huotari.

Prometec’s turnover last year was 2,2 million euros which is a growth of 2 million from the previous year.


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