Comprehensive sampling service

Prometec, a Finnish biomass quality management expert, will deliver an automated sampling solution at the beginning of next year to the Business park in Kajaani, Finland. The revolutionary innovation, an automated sampler called Q-Robot, will serve several companies on the region. A local power plant, Vapo the biggest biomass supplier in Finland and St1 a pioneer in renewable energy sector will be the main users of this new sampling unit in Kajaani where Prometec will start delivering a comprehensive biomass quality management service. Prometec will take care of scaling, sampling, sample handling and analyzing. Prometec’s innovation Q-Robot takes representative samples from each truck delivering biomass before unloading. Q-Robot can also generate a truck -specific real-time calculated moisture information. This real-time information brings value to the whole supply chain and makes optimizing logistic- and combustion processes possible. “With the help of this cooperation agreement with Prometec we want to improve our own customer service and constructor cooperation” says Area Manager Sakari Jaara from VAPO.

Sampling service concept

Now, Prometec is launching to the market a new kind of service concept where one sampling robot and sample handling devices are installed and sold as a service for several different customers. This way, there is no need to make a machine investment and yet customers will get the best possible equipment to their own use. “From our perspective it is important that we can get a high-quality service and we don’t have to invest to the machinery. We want to develop the biomass industry and utilize the best available technologies.” says Kimmo Keinänen from Kainuun Voima which is one of the biggest biomass users in norther part of Finland.

This new business model opens new market segments for Prometec because now also smaller biomass users can benefit from the newest technology since there is no need to make a larger machinery investment which might not be profitable for them, at least not in the short run. This new type of service-based business model and data processing of the biomass quality information are our strategic focus areas. We are happy and proud that we have been able to establish a long-term partnership with Kainuun voima, Vapo and St1 who are all pioneers of the biomass industry.

4th Automated sampler to commercial use

Prometec has already started delivering scaling and sample analyzing services at the new quality station. Q-Robot will start its commercial use on 1st of April 2019. “Feedstock quality controlling is important to us to get the process functioning successfully and monitoring the quality. The automatized sampling will minimize errors and reduces the truck turnover time on a site. Prometec also delivers us scaling service which is important for our biorefinery” says Product portfolio manager Ilona Liukkonen from St1.

The value of the project is about one million euros. The project has received support for the EU regional development fund.

Information: Juha Huotari, CEO, Prometec Tools Oy 050 591 3750,